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Platinum Semi Mounts

Diamond Bypass Engagement Semi Mount
Starting At: $2,683.55
Striking Diamond Engagement Ring
Starting At: $4,493.99
Pave Design Diamond Semi Mount
Starting At: $2,401.78
Romantic Emerald Diamond Semi Mount
Starting At: $1,091.39
Emerald Shape Diamond Semi Mount
Starting At: $3,595.19
Bezeled Halo Diamond Semi Mount
Starting At: $1,746.23
Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Semi Mount
Starting At: $2,824.79
Cutting Edge Platinum Semi Mount
Starting At: $2,953.19
Stylish Platinum Semi mount
Starting At: $4,629.99
Platinum Diamond Semi mount
Starting At: $3,299.99
Platinum Semi Mount
Starting At: $2,616.46
Platinum Trillion Semi Mount
Starting At: $3,354.43
Platinum 5/8ct Semi Mount
Starting At: $3,354.43
Bold Semi Mount
Starting At: $4,259.99
Platinum Fancy Engagement
Starting At: $2,041.55

Platinum Earrings:

Studs and Hoops at Gracious Rose

Combining fine quality gemstones and platinum, Gracious Rose ear studs and earrings turn heads. We're committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility—and definitely to the satisfaction of our customers. We offer unique and intricate designs perfect for any occasion.

Platinum Earrings for Men:

Diamond Studs

Times are changing; the days when watches were the only accessories men wear are long gone. Men now love and rock jewelleries. You can load up with Gracious Rose classic diamond studs that will match your outfit for any occasion.

These studs are as simple as they are daring. They suit any face shape and unlike large, garish pieces, these platinum studs won't overdo your style.

These are vibrant platinum diamond studs—4 mm in diameter, ¼ carat each, 4-prong basket style, with friction earring backs. Gracious Rose's platinum stud earrings are handcrafted from the finest material to give any man the polished look women always admire—all for a reasonable price. And, if you're unsure of what to buy, our certified jewellery consultants are always there to help you.

Platinum Earrings for Women:

Hoops and Drop Earrings

Platinum's shine has always conveyed simplicity and sophistication. With our wide variety of unique designs, we're sure to have the perfect accent for your style. Whether it's small stud for everyday wear or a pair of stunning drop earrings for evening parties, these will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Know the shape of your face and what suits your hairstyle best with our jewellery consultants. Gracious Rose earrings may also be the best birthday gift for a classy woman. You may opt to set any birthstone or the gemstone of your choice with our platinum earrings.

Some of our customers' favorite designs are:

  • Platinum Dainty Diamond Studs — 1/10 carat, 950 platinum, 9.22 mm in length and 5.3 mm wide
  • Platinum Hinged Hoops — Available in 3 size choices, measures 3mm wide and sizes start with 11.5mm
  • Platinum Rose Bud Earrings — each measures 10 mm in length and 9 mm across
  • Platinum Diamond J — Hoop Earrings (on sale!)
  • Platinum Emerald Earrings — Set with 6x4 oval emeralds, measures 8.5mm from top to bottom by 8.5mm across, accented with diamonds, this design earrings is available with alternate gemstones

Platinum Earrings Online Shopping

with Gracious Rose

Enjoy a safe, convenient online shopping experience with Gracious Rose. Our jewellery consultants can help you choose from over 3,500 custom pieces and sophisticated designs. Get the stunning jewellery you've always dreamed of.

Gracious Rose jewellery is the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or just to make someone feel special. Platinum earrings go perfectly well with other unique pieces from our wide selection of platinum necklaces and bracelets.

You can now get any piece of jewellery delivered to your home for free shipping on orders of $250 and over in 3-14 working days. If you need custom engraving; for overnight deliveries or other options not highlighted in the product description, you may place a special order.

Get free advice from our jewellery consultants. Shop for the perfect gift, get Gracious Rose designer platinum earrings.