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31 products found. Showing 21 - 31

Pearls are uncommon gems created inside one of the simplest organisms in the universe: the oyster. According to American Museum of Natural History, human fossils from the Persian Gulf region show people buried with their right hand pierced with a pearl. Because of its humble origins and rarity, the pearl has become the symbol for purity and sophistication.

Pearl Engagement Rings:

The Mark of a Legacy

The Far East was the first geographical region encapsulated by pearls. In Hindu and Muslim traditions, wearing pearls is a status symbol for royals and other leaders. For Muslims, the pearl symbolizes attaining perfection and completeness. For the Hindu, pearls represent the celestial moon.

In China, pearls are famous as the main accessories of members of the Qing dynasty, which ruled from 1644 until 1911. The emperor of said dynasty was so picky about his pearls that he insisted on freshwater pearls only.

Greeks value the pearl as the symbol of love. This connotation of pearls has run throughout the world for centuries. During the Romantic era, maidens gave tokens with pearl gems to their favored knights in hopes that the gifts would help the knights win their battles.

Promise a lifetime of love, faith, and completeness to your beloved with Gracious Rose pearl engagement rings. Gracious Rose offers high-quality handcrafted pearl engagement rings that will surely make your loved one melt.

Pearl Wedding Rings:

A Tradition to Remember

Supposedly, the oldest recorded wedding traces to 4,800 years ago in the Egyptian civilization. The circle, the shape of wedding rings, symbolizes the eternity of a never-ending bond. Meanwhile, the hole in the middle of the ring represents the grand openings that the bonded couple will share. Today, couples who love and cherish each other share precious jewelry that symbolizes their undying love.

Having a pearl as the main gem of a wedding ring can elevate its meaning. Pearls symbolize purity and high regard for another person. It also represents faultlessness and entirety. Wedding rings matched with this gem represent the never-ending infinity of a love's pureness, enhancing the moments the two of you share.

Give pure and undying love to your beloved with Gracious Rose pearl wedding rings. Gracious Rose provides you with over 3,500 exquisite designs to consider. You can also ask Gracious Rose's resident Jewelry Consultant to give you some advice on choosing the perfect ring for your special someone.

Black Pearl Ring:

Authentic Exoticness

The commercially known colors of pearls are white and pink, but there are other pearl colors based on their manner of production:

  • Freshwater pearls – Usually found in lakes, rivers, and ponds in China; freshwater pearls are in white or an array of pastel colors
  • Cultured pearls – Known as "manmade" pearls; usually white or silver
  • Natural pearls – Extremely rare pearls because of their pureness; colors vary from black to gray
  • Saltwater pearls – Usually found in Southeast Asia and some parts of Australia; collectively called "black pearls"

Black pearl rings ooze authenticity and glamour. Give your beloved a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece from Gracious Rose's collection of elegant black pearl rings. The pearls from this renowned jewelry store come from only ethical sources, giving you peace of mind to go along with your elegant piece.

Pearls represent the undying pureness of love and the seriousness of a person's intentions. It's the perfect gem for someone that owns your heart.

Show your love for someone today; buy a Gracious Rose pearl ring. Shipping is free on orders over $250! Contact us now!





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