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Golden Rings That Never Go Out of Style by Gracious Rose

Gold Rings

at Gracious Rose for Lasting Bonds of Love
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14Kt Gold Freeform Ring
Starting At: $374.99
14K Yellow Butterfly Ring
Starting At: $379.99
14K White Gold Love Ring
Starting At: $459.99
14K Gold Stackable Leaf Ring
Starting At: $389.99
14K Gold Criss-Cross Beaded Ring
Starting At: $624.99
14k Gold Two-Tone Buckle Ring
Starting At: $359.99
Fantasy Design Gold Ring
Starting At: $1,539.99
14k Two Tone Gold Claddagh Ring
Starting At: $339.99
14k Two Tone Gold Ring
Starting At: $239.99
14k Gold Leaf Ring
Starting At: $569.99
Stylish Bypass Ring
Starting At: $369.99
14k Gold Knot Design Ring
Starting At: $369.99
14k Gold Freeform Ring
Starting At: $349.99
Beaded Dome Ring
Starting At: $774.99
14kt Gold Thick Rope Band
Starting At: $554.99
Stylish Gold Heart Ring
Starting At: $299.99
Stackable Rope Ring
Starting At: $249.99
Simple Knot Design Ring
Starting At: $394.99
Leaf & Berry Ladies Gold Band
Starting At: $1,529.49
Fashion Gold Ring
Starting At: $689.99
44 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Gold rings are intimate pieces of jewelry, symbolizing loyalty, commitment, and everlasting love in marriage. These circular bands of gold have universal meanings that span cultures and time, from one end of the earth to the other.


Women's Gold Rings

for Any Outfit and Occasion

For thousands of years, gold rings have been gracing the hands of special individuals, from pharaohs and kings to queens and princesses. Let the special women in your life feel like royalty, thanks to exquisite gold rings from Gracious Rose.

Gracious Rose gold rings feature the finest gold that never loses its luster. Rings come in various designs, each intricately crafted; some decorated with precious gems and stones. Select from timeless styles for class rings, engagement rings, or wedding rings. Gracious Rose gold rings are fine fashion accessories that lend a luxurious glow to any outfit.

Solid Gold Ring

in Red: Choose a Fiery Piece for Your Collection

Rose gold is a type of colored gold with a reddish-pink hue. This type of gold is an alloy of gold and copper, which lends to the jewelry its color. Its rose-pink color makes it a popular choice for those who love to accessorize, mainly because it goes well with all skin tones.

Rose gold is a popular trend in engagement rings, especially for the younger generation. Celebrities are often seen wearing rose gold rings, which only adds to the allure. Surprisingly, rose gold rings are fashionable for men as well, with some jewelry designers creating rose gold pieces for male music stars.

Gracious Rose offers the finest designs of rose gold rings to ensure you can find the ideal piece for your loved one. The perfect item exists for every occasion, whether for a man or a woman.


Gold Rings for Sale

: Choose Subtle Elegance

With a look that mimics platinum, white gold is among the most in-demand types of gold. The classic white color achieved by mixing gold with metals such as palladium or manganese creates the perfect backdrop for precious gems.

White gold is durable and offers a timeless appeal. Gracious Rose offers white gold pieces at prices that will have you buying something for everyone. White gold is a widely popular choice for today's weddings rings.

White gold even appeals to monarchs, as British royalty Prince William chose white gold as the base for his beloved Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

Gracious Rose has a vast selection fine white gold rings, any of which is sure to make your special someone feel like a queen.

Gracious Rose gold rings are classic pieces that will last you a lifetime. These elegant pieces transcend time; made from the finest metals and handcrafted to perfection. They are the perfect expression of love for your friend, family member, or that special someone you wish to spend eternity with.

The next time you hold your partner's hand, make sure it is adorned with a ring that embodies your love for one another. Make your loved ones feel special with gold rings from Gracious Rose! Buy one today!