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Platinum Cross: Exceptional Expressions of Faith by Gracious Rose

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Large Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $1,367.99
Casual Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $227.99
Fleur-de-Lis Cross Pendant
Starting At: $371.99
Platinum Fancy Cross Pendant
Starting At: $6,666.66
Platinum Mesh Passion Cross
Starting At: $419.99
Classic Platinum Cross
Starting At: $203.99
Charming Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $113.99
Platinum Bud Cross Pendant
Starting At: $203.99
Fancy Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $287.99
Fun Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $167.99
Small Platinum Cross
Starting At: $185.99
Floral Design Platinum Cross
Starting At: $323.99
Platinum Fancy Edge Cross
Starting At: $479.99
Platinum Star Cross
Starting At: $6,666.66
Platinum Center Flower Cross
Starting At: $6,666.66
Fancy Large Budded Cross Pendant
Starting At: $539.99
Distinctive Platinum Cross Pendant
Starting At: $671.99
Large Platinum Cross
Starting At: $6,666.66
Bud Design Platinum Cross
Starting At: $251.99
40 products found. Showing 21 - 40

We can all do a little more to cherish our faith and share it with the world; wearing an elegant cross is one way to do that. Gracious Rose offers the finest modest and elegant platinum cross pendants and necklaces—crosses will suit anyone's taste.

Unique Platinum Cross Pendant

Designs for You and Your Loved Ones

Platinum is one of the most valuable metals in the world. At Gracious Rose, we source Platinum's perpetual white shine and quality from eco-friendly suppliers and jewellery artisans. Our wide platinum jewellery collection features over 40 unique cross pendant designs—simple and elaborate—you can choose from and embellish with ethically sourced precious stones.

A Gracious Rose platinum cross pendant is a beautiful charm you can loosely hang from a necklace or bracelet and give as a meaningful gift to your loved ones. Every design is handcrafted to perfection, yet offered at a reasonable price. If you want a simple, modest ornament, you can get the Classic Platinum Cross pendant for only $149. But if you prefer a more decorative pattern—and a fantastic keepsake gift—check out our Platinum Open Heart Cross Pendant.

Platinum Crucifix

Pendants by Gracious Rose

The crucifix is symbolizes complete obedience to God. The cross also symbolizes the death of Christ to redeem humanity and a sacred sign that prepares Catholics to receive the grace of God.

For the devout, wearing a crucifix around the neck is an expression of faith. Wearing a cross pendant made of platinum is the perfect accessory for the religious - with highly lustrous, scratch resistant and durable properties platinum jewelries can be worn and can retain its original properties even after a long time.

Buy Unique

Platinum Cross Pendant

and Chains from Gracious Rose

You'll enjoy a safe, online jewellery shopping experience with Gracious Rose. Our jewellery consultants can help you choose from over 3,500 custom pieces and sophisticated designs so you can get the stunning jewellery you have always dreamed of.

Gracious Rose jewellery makes a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or just to make someone feel special. Platinum cross pendants are stylish and meaningful charms anyone can wear with necklaces or bracelets.

You can now get any piece of jewellery delivered to your home for free shipping on orders of $250 and over in 3-14 working days. If you require custom engraving, overnight deliveries or other options not highlighted in the product description, you can always place a special order.

Give a gift that is meaningful and lasts for a lifetime. Buy Gracious Rose's platinum cross pendant and set it with gemstone of your choice. Free shipping for orders above $250!