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Gold Cross Pendants for the Faithful

Two Tone Filigree Cross Pendant
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14k Gold Cross of Hearts
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14K Gold Fancy Cross
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Two Tone Filigree Cross
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Tau Cross Pendant
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Two Tone Cross
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A person's style expresses his/her worldview and whole being, as formed by individual cultural beliefs and traditions. For this, we have jewelry specially handcrafted for people of faith. Gracious Rose offers a collection of cross pendant jewelry for deeply religious people seeking beautiful representations of their faith.

Gold Cross Pendant

for Men

Expressing faith in public was not always allowed. Believing that Jesus' teachings inspired rebellion against the Empire, the Roman Army imposed a crackdown on all followers of Jesus, hunting down his disciples and killing them. Early Christians were persecuted, and many were forced into hiding to secretly worship their God.

With many concealing their faith to avoid arrest, Christians had to find a way to express their spirituality and unite with their fellow Christians. Specialized jewelry crafted in the symbols of their faith was one of the solutions, wearing cross pendants to signify allegiance to the Christian faith.

The Roman Catholic Church eventually embraced this practice, and religious jewelry quickly became popular among Catholics. The Church and its doctrines became the inspiration for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pins.

Today, cross pendants remain in fashion and are worn on various occasions. This kind of religious jewelry is typically chosen as gifts for men. They can be given to fathers, brothers, uncles, or grandfathers deeply connected to the Catholic faith. Men's jewelry accented with cross pendants can be worn with any attire, and lends a spiritual vibe to a person's style.

Solid Gold Cross Pendant

for Everyday Wear

Over time, many cultures have adopted the cross and reinterpreted the symbol to fit their specific needs. As a result, many variations of the cross came to be used:

  • Ichthys. Resembling the profile of a fish, the Ichthys Cross is made of two intersecting arcs.
  • Anchor. It also called a Mariner's Cross.
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus. This features an image of Jesus on the cross.
  • Latin Cross. This cross is characterized by having two bars, a shorter, horizontal one crossing over the longer, vertical bar.
  • Celtic Cross. This cross has a circle around the crossbar to represent the sun, which the Irish used to worship before Christ.
  • Calvary Cross. This symbol has three steps leading to the cross to refer to the calvary.

Whatever the style, the cross pendant reminds the wearer of his or her Christian beliefs:

  • God's unconditional love for man
  • Jesus' sacrifice on the cross
  • God's protection from danger and evil
  • The supremacy of sacrificial love above all
Large &

Small Gold Cross Pendant

and Other Religious Jewelry

With such rich symbolisms, a cross pendant is a precious gift that your loved one will appreciate. Cross pendants by Gracious Rose come in silver, gold, and platinum, with some featuring the brightest stones and gems.

For classic jewelry, choose a gold cross pendant. They perfectly compliment any skin tone and suit all genders and ages. A gold cross pendant can be given as a christening gift, for a birthday or as a celebratory present.

Cross pendants also come in different shapes and sizes. Large pendants are ideal for adults, especially men, and are eye-catching accents that say something about a person's faith. Meanwhile, small pendants are perfect for children and babies to wear as a stylish amulet.

Pendants by Gracious Rose can be engraved or studded with diamonds and other gems. Our selection of uniquely designed cross pendants is available online, along with the rest of our 3,500-piece jewelry collection.

Let beautiful jewelry show off your faith. Choose a gold cross pendant from GraciousRose.com. Get free shipping on orders over $250!