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Gemstone Cross Pendant: A Unique Gift Idea From Gracious Rose

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Large Onyx Gold Cross Pendant
Starting At: $647.99
Beautiful Gemstone Cross Pendant
Starting At: $335.99
Lovely 14k Gold Ruby Cross Pendant
Starting At: $407.99
14k Gold Opal Cross Pendant
Starting At: $359.99
Gemstone Marquise Cross Pendant
Starting At: $347.99
Aquamarine Marquise Cross Pendant
Starting At: $401.99
14k Gold Rope & Bead Cross Pendant
Starting At: $1,259.99
Sapphire Marquise Cross Pendant
Starting At: $599.99
Emerald Marquise Cross Pendant
Starting At: $839.99
Dainty Aquamarine Cross Pendant
Starting At: $275.99
Sapphire Cross Pendant
Starting At: $227.99
Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond Cross
Starting At: $1,043.99
Sapphire Diamond Cross Pendant
Starting At: $539.99
Platinum Gemstone Cross Pendant
Starting At: $383.99
Gold Ruby Flair Cross
Starting At: $1,031.99
Topaz Gold Cross Pendant
Starting At: $707.99
14k Gold Gemstone Cross Pendant
Starting At: $299.99
Blue Topaz and Diamond Cross Pendant
Starting At: $1,991.99
32 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Big things come in small packages. This is especially true of jewelry pieces—including fine jewelry designs from Gracious Rose. Classic—in platinum, gold, and silver—yet handcrafted with a touch of ingenuity to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

Gracious Rose

Gemstone Crosses

Necklaces Make a Brilliant Gift

Cross necklaces are sweet and charming yet radiate elegance when worn. If you're considering these as a gift for your wedding anniversary, a birthday, or a graduation surprise, then you can count on the Gracious Rose collection. You can choose from gold, platinum, white gold, and silver metals—all crafted and carved to a level of sophistication that appeals to grateful receivers.

And don't forget the precious stone embellishments—including garnet, amethyst, pearl, diamond, among others—that further enhance the elegance of the precious jewels. In addition to our cross necklaces, we offer other jewelry collections you may view online like rings, religious jewelry, bracelets, wedding bands, wedding jewelry, men's jewelry and watches, and many others.


Gemstone Cross Pendant

is Worth Every Cent

Quality and value are synonymous to Gracious Rose jewelry pieces and that includes our cross pendants embellished with precious stones. They are adorable charms that feature your favorite birthstone — either in clusters, mixed or just a singular stone. You have different options and you can actually choose from a range of collections wonderful as fashion accessories or as a testimony of your Christian faith.

A Gracious Rose gemstone cross pendant makes a great investment as well as a valuable gift for your loved ones. It is made of precious metal and stone after all. The fact that it's reasonably-priced makes it all the more attractive for many jewelry enthusiasts. Who wouldn't be drawn to buying a sparkling ornament? Ladies, girls, and even grandmas can't resist this adorable charm loosely hanging from a necklace or bracelet.

We work hard to combine value and quality:

  • Our precious metals are ethically- sourced
  • Our precious metals and stones are supplied by eco-friendly sources

Buy Gemstone Cross Pendant Online

from Gracious Rose

With more than 3,500 designs available, how can you go wrong? Buying online has never been easier as you get to browse and look up the details of each jewelry piece. Your options seem endless.

  • If you're considering a cross pendant for your wedding anniversary, perhaps you should consider something that bears both your birthdays—say September and April—like our sapphire diamond cross. It's a 14k gold cross exquisitely adorned with five blue sapphire stones and a sparkling round diamond at the center.
  • Here's an option you'll love: you can actually have your cross customized. Just fill out our Customization Enquiry Form available when you click the details of a particular jewelry.
  • A size chart is available too, for easy reference of measurements.
  • Add to that our ever-friendly customer service that attends to your inquiries if you are rather skeptical about your choice of jewelry.

Show your love to someone today and buy her a 14k sapphire diamond gold cross. You get free shipping on orders over $250 from Gracious Rose.