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Diamond Cross Pendants: Precious Jewelry for Expressions of Faith

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Romantic 14K Gold Diamond Cross
Starting At: $251.99
14K Gold Two Hearts Diamond Cross
Starting At: $599.99
Double Row Diamond Cross Pendant
Starting At: $911.99
Modern Design Diamond Cross
Starting At: $839.99
Large Diamond Cross
Starting At: $1,067.99
Diamond Raised Center Design Cross
Starting At: $959.99
Diamond Infinity Cross Pendant
Starting At: $455.99
Dainty Diamond Heart Cross
Starting At: $359.99
Bar Design Diamond Cross Pendant
Starting At: $1,727.99
Diamond Open Scroll Cross
Starting At: $287.99
Beautiful Two Tone Diamond Cross
Starting At: $611.99
Large Diamonds Cross Pendant
Starting At: $3,119.99
Simple Open Design Diamond Cross
Starting At: $359.99
Diamond Bud Design Cross
Starting At: $1,007.99
Cross Pendant with Diamond
Starting At: $203.99
Dazzling Diamond Cross Pendant
Starting At: $1,955.99
65 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Let jewelry express what words cannot. A diamond cross pendant worn around your neck is a subtle expression of your faith and a very personal type of jewelry that also makes a perfect gift for a loved one. Choose from a variety of elegantly handcrafted diamond cross pendants from Gracious Rose.

Men’s Diamond Cross Pendant

: Casual Accessories Perfect for Any Outfit

We encounter symbols all the time. Whether it is a national flag, a monument, or a tattoo, these symbolic expressions create a powerful feeling that's hard to describe. Every person who chooses a cross pendant as an accessory surely has a deeply personal relationship and faith in Christ. There are many ways to express belief in Christianity, but wearing cross pendants have been a popular way of doing for a long time.

It is common nowadays to see cross symbols not only in the church, but also in cars, hanging in rear view mirrors or on the dashboard, displayed inside homes, and as jewelry being worn by men and women all over the world. It is a beautiful expression of faith and a reminder that a higher being is watching over you.

A cross pendant goes well with any outfit, be it casual or formal. Choose from a variety of diamond cross pendants from Gracious Rose and find the one with the best size, color, and style for your taste.

Small Diamond Cross Pendant

: Finest Religious Jewelry Only at Gracious Rose

In the early church, religious jewelry was worn by Catholics to identify each other while avoiding persecution. A cross pendant is usually tucked in a part of the clothing that nobody can see because back then, those who confessed their belief in Christ were persecuted to the point of death. In our modern time, wearing a cross pendant allows Christians to keep their faith close to their heart; a reminder that you are never alone. Gracious Rose offers religious pendant styles to suit any taste, including:

  • Two-tone diamond cross
  • Double row diamond cross
  • Diamond Celtic cross
  • Rose gold and diamond cross
  • Diamond Tree design cross
  • White agate and diamond cross
  • Gold bow design cross
  • Royal crown diamond cross
  • Latin diamond cross
  • White and blue diamond cross
  • Sapphire and diamond cross

All these, and many more designs are exquisitely handcrafted by jewelry designers from Gracious Rose, and we are proud to tell you that all our precious stones and metals are ethically-sourced from environmentally friendly suppliers. Whether you are buying one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, our wide selection of elegant cross pendants will adds a little sparkle to any outfit in a subtle, yet noticeable manner. You can also choose from a wide array of chains to go with your selected pendant. This makes a nice gift for any occasion!

Large Diamond Cross Pendant

: Affordable at Gracious Rose

Are you looking for something more fancy or striking? Search through our collection of large diamond cross pendants for the one that suits your style perfectly! For a piece that is truly special, fill out our online Customization Inquiry Form and our staff of jewelry consultants will have crafted a pendant that is uniquely you. Gracious Rose offers free shipping on orders over $250!

Declare your belief in Christ with an elegant diamond cross pendant from Gracious Rose today!