Crucifix Pendant: Show Your Faith in Our Lord and Savior

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Lattice Two Tone Crucifix
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Gold Crucifix Pendant
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Anchor Crucifix Pendant
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Fancy Gold Crucifix
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Contemporary Two Tone Crucifix
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Gold Two Tone Crucifix
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Beautiful Gold Crucifix
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47 products found. Showing 41 - 47

Got a loved one celebrating a birthday soon? Is your niece getting confirmed this weekend? Show your love by purchasing one of our designer crucifix pendants.

Gold Crucifix Pendant:

Quality Ensured

Gracious Rose has sold over $1,000,000 worth of jewelry to people all around the world. We have built a trust on quality; a reputation we have been building ever since 1992. There is so much to choose from: with over 6500+ pieces, and the availability of special ordering like resizing and engraving; it is all you need in a jewelry shop, with the added convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Aside from the usual platinum and diamond rings, we also offer 14k gold crucifix pendants. Man has always had a fascination with gold. It is arguably the most recognizable metal in the world today, which makes it the perfect metal for our designer crosses. Each pendant is designed to give its wearer a level of beauty and elegance.

Catholic Crucifix Pendant:

Acceptable or Sinful?

To wear religious jewelry such as crucifix pendants, is it appropriate or plain sinful? Many have gone against this habit, citing that wearing one is a materialistic and superficial act, suggesting the wearer has a weak understanding of the value of the cross that our Lord and Savior died on. However, we think otherwise. Here are some things you should take note off when wearing one of our designer jewelry:

  • Wearing one is a way of telling the world you’re a Christian and you’re proud of your faith. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your love for God.
  • Many people argue that wearing a crucifix is displaying a symbol of torture and death around your neck. While this may have been true during Jesus’ time, today it is widely accepted that the crucifix is an enduring symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for the benefit of mankind.

Today, the cross is a widely used symbol that not only a religious symbol, but a fashion statement as well. Women who want to have jewelry pieces, that not only ooze class, but also significance, choose to wear cross pendants. Cross pendants add subtle style and meaning to your wardrobe. For a show stopping, classic and clean look, choose platinum. Platinum is a stunning metal that symbolizes exclusivity and durability.

Solid Gold Crucifix Pendant:

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Your loved ones deserve only the best. Gracious Rose has a wide selection of exquisite jewelry to choose from for that perfect gift that will bring them joy for years to come.

For starters, our Gold Passion Design Crucifix Pendant sells for $69.99. Pay $74.99 for a simpler yet classic-looking pendant, our Classic Two Tone Crucifix. Stepping up the price, we have the Two Tone Crucifix, a pendant that will wow you with its royal shade. If Celtic crosses are your cup of tea, you may get our Celtic Crucifix Pendant, which goes for $149.99. Browse the rest of our pendants on our gallery for a wide range of prices and designs.

Our designer crucifix pendants have unrivaled elegance and craftsmanship. Each one is painstakingly dealt with by masters of the craft. A purchase from Gracious Rose won’t disappoint, so do buy your very own pendant. Right now! You can take advantage of our fully-customizable layaway plan with zero interest and free shipping for products over $250!

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