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Pendants of some sort have been around since the Stone Age. First used as amulets for good luck, or as talismans as protection, pendants soon evolved to carry a variety of concepts, such as a person’s group affiliation or religious beliefs. Today, pendants are the perfect gift for any occasion.

A Brief History of

Long Pendant Necklaces

Wearing pendants is a practice that dates to the Stone Age. In Eurasia, the oldest artifact found was a 40,000-year-old old elk bone pendant, although the reason for its use remains a mystery. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore pendants as a symbol of power and prestige. Animals were a popular motif, with cats as the most popular design.

The Greeks first introduced gold and gems into pendants, and by 300 BC, pendants had evolved into something similar to what we see today.

Cross pendants are extremely popular. Christians wear a cross as a sign of faith, and those made of gold are popular gifts for religious occasions such as a christening or first communion. Reliquary crosses also became popular with claims that they hold parts of True Cross. However, after the 16th century, cross pendants become more of an ornament rather than a sacred object.

Types of

Pendant Jewelry

Pendants are a very symbolic type of jewelry. Different pendant types serve different functions; for example:

  • Amulet – Believed to ward off danger and provide protection from negative influences
  • Talisman – Believed to bring good luck and protection
  • Locket – Small pendants meant to house things that hold sentimental value, such as photographs
  • Medallion – Pendants of oval or circular design, given as a sign of recognition

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Unique Pendants

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