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Platinum Necklace - Unique and Stylish by Gracious Rose

Platinum Scattered Bead Necklace
Starting At: $552.11
14k Gold Tusk Necklace
Starting At: $755.99
Gold Branch Necklace
Starting At: $323.99
Platinum Fancy Bar Necklace
Starting At: $617.21
Platinum Star Pendant
Starting At: $667.67
Platinum Horseshoe Necklace
Starting At: $667.67
Diamond by the Inch
Starting At: $4,750.79
Diamond Platinum Peace Sign Necklace
Starting At: $1,475.94
Platinum Diamond Circle Necklace
Starting At: $805.06
Platinum Diamond Heart Necklace
Starting At: $827.99
Pretty Diamond Heart Necklace
Starting At: $1,007.99
Platinum Diamond Solitaire Necklace
Starting At: $2,106.58

At Gracious Rose, we believe that the platinum necklaces you wear should be unique because they are personal. Our stylish necklaces are made just for you and for all life's occasions. And platinum's pure white shine will be the perfect accent to your style.


Platinum Necklace

at More Affordable Prices

Gracious Rose uses only the highest quality materials and crafts our platinum necklaces with attention to detail. We make sure our precious metals are responsibly mined. We make sure that our growing collection of platinum necklaces has something to fit almost every style. Men's platinum necklaces are available with your choice of chain style and length—chains that match our Bass Pendant, Dog Tag Pendant or Schooner Sailing Ship Pendant perfectly. Worn by itself or with a platinum pendant, our platinum necklace is sure to give any man that sleek feel.

Platinum Necklaces - A Jewelry

Must Have for Women

From an anniversary or personal celebrations, a platinum necklace can be an everlasting totem you can cherish forever. With Gracious Rose, you can add your own meaning to every design and create beautiful memories. Our jewellery experts can help you match up the finest materials and gemstones. We have a wide range of pendants with symbolism like circles, keys, knots, infinity, initials, and hearts—designs that are meaningful as well as sophisticated.

Buy Platinum Necklace

That Is Ethically Sourced and Made of the Finest Quality of Metals

Enjoy a safe, online jewelry shopping experience with Gracious Rose. Our jewellery consultants can help you choose from over 3,500 custom pieces and sophisticated designs and get the stunning jewellery you have always dreamed of.

Gracious Rose jewellery makes a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or just any occasion to make someone feel special. Our platinum necklaces are delicately handcrafted to be as personal and meaningful as they are fashionable.

You can now get any piece of jewellery delivered to your home for free shipping on orders of $250 and over in 3-14 working days. If you require custom engraving, overnight deliveries, or other options not highlighted in the product description, you may place a special order.

Buy the finest gift you can give to your loved one. Get a customized platinum pendant for free shipping on orders above $250.