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A necklace is a popular adornment for the body. For some people, wearing a necklace is also a way to communicate; it can communicate wealth, power, affiliation, prestige, skill, identity, and position through the various gems and metals used. Necklaces are exquisite accessories that let us appreciate the cultural practices, artistry, and aesthetics of different cultures, as well as their histories.

Unique Necklaces

, Unique Histories

Before the discovery of precious stones, necklaces featured a string of organic materials, such as shells, teeth, or bones. Other types of necklaces included the torc, a Celtic neckpiece made of twisted metal, and the lunula, a flat, crescent-shaped variation of the torc from the Bronze Age of Ireland and Scotland.

Necklaces presented the stylistic features of each period in history, as well as the cultural differences among nations or even regions within countries. Throughout history, each period had influences upon the subsequent eras, prompting the revival of styles, such as classical Greek and Roman necklaces and Egyptian beadworks. In the Middle Ages, jewelry became an important part of dress. During the late Gothic and early Renaissance years, necklaces replaced brooches. They stood as a distinction of wealth and social position during the fourteenth century until the early seventeenth century. Since then, necklaces designed with gemstones and made of gold have become popular style accessories.

A Fashionable

Chain Necklace

Most designer necklaces today follow the style of necklines in European and American dress, or at least they should. For example, if a neckline is low, consider an elaborate necklace. However, this doesn't preclude you from wearing elaborate accessories with a high neckline. A good example is the carcanet, which is a wide, bejeweled gold link necklace that looks like a collar. Men wore this type of necklace as a status symbol from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. It encircles the base of the neck over the doublet and under the lace ruff. It is also wearable with gold chains wrapped around the neck or over the shoulders down the front of doublets.

Unique Necklaces

with Precious Stones

Throughout the history of fashion, gold, diamonds, and pearls have reigned. A diamond necklace is certainly an expensive accessory. Pearls were the material favored by Roman women, and revivals have ensued, made evident by paintings of Renaissance women wearing strings of pearls.

Elizabeth I loved pearls, sparking the trend of long pearl necklaces draped over the stomach. During the twentieth century in the US and UK, a strand of pearls became a classic gift for women on their 16th birthday. It remains a popular choice for women's professional and business attire.

Today, due to the high price of diamonds and pearls, imitations, synthetic diamonds, and cultured pearls have become prevalent, opening the door for everyone to wear fashionable yet affordable necklaces.

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