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White Gold Lockets

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Heavy 14k White Gold Locket
Starting At: $1,455.99
14K White Gold Dual Hearts Locket
Starting At: $347.19
14K White Gold Oval Locket
Starting At: $705.59
14k White Gold Wheat Border Locket
Starting At: $257.59
14k Gold Large Floral Design Lockek
Starting At: $1,091.99
14k White Gold Mom & Baby Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Floral & Butterfly Locket
Starting At: $470.39
Floral Spray White Gold Locket
Starting At: $739.19
14k White Gold Floral Spray Locket
Starting At: $335.99
14k White Gold "I Love You" Locket
Starting At: $369.59
14k White Gold "MOM" Etched Locket
Starting At: $335.99
White Gold Angel Locket
Starting At: $335.99
14k White Gold "MOM" Heart Locket
Starting At: $279.99
14k White Gold Modern Heart Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Hand Engraved Family Locket
Starting At: $1,091.99
Ribbed 14kt Gold Heart Locket
Starting At: $246.39
Plain White Gold Large Locket
Starting At: $335.99
White Gold Rose Locket
Starting At: $537.59
25 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Beautiful memories are meant to be kept forever. One way to store and cherish those memories is with a simple yet elegant locket. Choose Gracious Rose’s collection of personalized white gold lockets to exude class and sophistication.

14K White Gold Locket

Makes an Elegant Memory Keepers

Lockets are the keepers of memories. It’s a type of pendant that can hold precious keepsakes like photographs. In ancient times, lockets were used to carry valuable medicines or herbs. During the Middle Ages, they became tokens of affection when knights would give lockets to their beloved maid, in honor of their love. Lockets as articles of love were carried throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods as well. Artists started drawing portraits for lockets for use as gifts. People who are in mourning also wear lockets with a photo of the deceased inside to keep their memories close to their heart. There are several types of lockets and each serves a different purpose:

  • Keepsake lockets – Usually made with a glass panel so that the keepsakes inside won’t fall out.
  • Photograph lockets – One of the biggest fashion statements during the Victorian Era. Similar to a keepsake locket, has a place to slip a treasured photo inside.
  • Perfume lockets – Meant to hold a fragrance to keep the wearer smelling clean and sweet.
  • Military Uniform Lockets – Usually worn in buttonholes, people in the army put photos of their beloved inside.

Wearing or giving lockets has never gone out of style. To show your affection for that special someone, try Gracious Rose’s heart shaped locket in white gold locket. These stunning pieces are made from eye catching and ethically sourced precious gems and metals.

White Gold Locket Pendant

and Its Various Meanings

The shape of a heart is one of the most enduring symbols of our time. It was first associated with the image of fig leaves in ancient Greek culture represents fertility and ecstasy. In the Middle Ages, the meaning of the heart shape evolved becoming related to the image of Jesus, as seen in the different art and literature available at that time. In the 17th century, the heart shape became the official symbol of Valentine’s Day. From then on the heart shape has become the symbol of:

There are tons of different lockets available on the market today. Choosing the perfect piece to not only represent your feelings, but also look classy and chic can be overwhelming. If you are going for a locket that is simple yet tasteful, then choose a locket in white gold.

They say that white gold is the poor man’s platinum, but that’s simply not true. White gold has a softer hue than platinum, making it glow and emanate beauty. It radiates warmth because of its slightly pink tinge that looks great on a fair complexion.

Aside from this, white gold has deep meaning. It’s the combination of two powerful colors. White represents purity and sacredness while gold symbolizes:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Wisdom

White gold represents the virtue of love. Find the perfect piece from Gracious Rose’s gorgeous collection:

  • Diamond Heart Swirl Design Locket – This stunning 14k piece can hold two precious keepsake photos.
  • Leaf Floral Oval Locket – A beautiful 14k piece with an etched floral scroll border.
  • White Gold Diamond Heart Locket – This 14k piece radiates style and warmth, perfect for the women in your life.
  • Oval White Gold Locket – A lovely and simple piece in 14k white gold.
  • Satin & Polish Diamond Heart Locket – This velvet piece can hold two of your dearest photos.

White Gold Locket Necklace Engraved

and Personalized Just for You

Aside from the vast collection of stunning designs, Gracious Rose will also let you add a personal touch to your jewelry. You can engrave a quote or your name on your locket. Choose from 16 available fonts and provide the words that you want to engrave on the piece. Contact a Gracious Rose Jewelry Consultant for advice in choosing and customizing your lockets.

Keep a piece of forever with Gracious Rose’s white gold locket collection. Enjoy our free shipping for orders over $250 today!