Small Gold Locket: Dainty Keepsake Treasures for Loved Ones

Dainty Diamond Heart Locket
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Sacred Star Heart Locket
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Two Tone Footprints Locket
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Small Diamond Accent Gold Locket
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Small Floral Gold Locket
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Victorian Inspired Gold Locket
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Embossed Floral Small Locket
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Gold Floral Small Locket
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Petal Design Small Locket
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Embossed Scroll Small Locket
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Etched Butterfly
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White Gold Heart Locket
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Gold Floral Heart Locket
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A locket lets you carry a precious memory in a fashionable and deeply personal way. This type of accessory reminds us that memories are priceless and old-school accessories don’t always go out of style. Browse our selection of elegant small lockets and find one that suits your taste!

Small Gold Locket Necklace

: Intricate and Charming Designs by Gracious Rose

Lockets are all about form and function. A number of women choose to wear large lockets, a statement piece in any outfit. Most women wear the mid-sized ones which are the most common size of lockets available now. However, if you’re looking for a more unique style, a small gold locket is perfect for you! Small lockets are pretty accessories that bring life to your wardrobe, and are ideal gifts to your loved one for any occasion.

Throughout history, lockets have been used more than just for adornment. Lockets have been keepsakes for soldiers and their special someone during World War II, mourning during the Victorian era, and symbolic gifts for newly married couples.

Besides being nice pendants, several small lockets can also be worn as charms on a bracelet. Because of their size, they are not awkward or too heavy to wear, nor are they too distracting or showy. If you want to carry a special photo or something representative of any precious memory in a more subtle manner, choose small lockets from Gracious Rose.

Gold Photo Lockets - Small

and Thoughtful Presents for Your Special Someone

The most common shaped lockets are hearts, ovals, and rounds. They also come in different precious metals, but silver is probably one of the most popular types because it is durable and malleable. Silver jewelry is also believed to shield the bearer from any negative energy; making it a deeply sentimental and memorable gift for your special someone.

The most common types of lockets are:

  • Keepsake lockets
  • Perfume lockets
  • Photograph lockets
  • Compass lockets

Here are some of the best occasions to give out a locket:

  • Mother’s day – A locket containing her children’s baby photos or birthstones will surely make her happy!
  • Valentine’s day – Get creative and give your girl a unique locket with a folded note or a pressed flower inside.
  • Anniversary – Have your chosen locket engraved with your anniversary date or your names.
  • Christening – A child will appreciate that meaningful present even more as he or she grows up.

Gracious Rose’s elegant small locket collection includes:

  • Two-tone lockets
  • Lockets with a diamond accent
  • Polished floral and butterfly designs
  • Scroll-designed lockets

Gracious Rose also features family lockets that can hold up to four or more photos which could become an heirloom! Lockets really are such wonderful presents and they can be cherished for a lifetime.

Small Gold Memory Lockets

Made Even More Personal by Gracious Rose

Nothing says “I love you” more than an elegant locket with a personalized message engraved on it. Once you have chosen your locket from our website, you will find a list of fonts to choose from, and a dropdown menu of varying chain lengths.

All jewelry from Gracious Rose is elegantly handmade from ethically-sourced precious metals and gemstones. We offer unique designer jewelry at a price you can afford! Our jewelry consultants are always ready to answer your queries regarding our products for your shopping convenience.

Find the finest gift for your special someone at Gracious Rose. Order now and get free shipping on orders over $250!


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