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Gold Heart Locket - Keep Memories Close to Your Heart

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14K Floral Bouquet Heart Locket
Starting At: $369.59
14K Yellow Simple Polished Locket
Starting At: $744.79
14k Floral Spray Heart Locket
Starting At: $335.99
14k White Gold "I Love You" Locket
Starting At: $369.59
14k White Gold "MOM" Heart Locket
Starting At: $279.99
14k White Gold "MOM" Etched Locket
Starting At: $335.99
14k Gold Heart of Hearts Locket
Starting At: $246.39
14k White Gold Modern Heart Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Large 14k White Gold Family Locket
Starting At: $1,075.19
Butterfly Floral Gold Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Gold Swirl Design Heart Locket
Starting At: $313.59
Satin Center Diamond Heart Locket
Starting At: $358.39
Ribbed 14kt Gold Heart Locket
Starting At: $246.39
14K White Gold Plain Family Locket
Starting At: $739.19
Ribbed Heart Gold Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Gold Heart "I Love You" Locket
Starting At: $335.99
Hand Engraved Family Locket
Starting At: $1,091.99
43 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Giving jewelry to your beloved is not only an act of sharing – it’s also a way of giving a piece of yourself to ancestors to remind them that you treasure every moment together. Share that piece of your heart with a timeless heart locket from Gracious Rose.

14K Gold Heart Locket

as a Fine Keeper of Memories

Human beings are obsessed with treasuring memories. But in the past, our ancestors shared and created memories through poems, songs, paintings, and yes, jewelry. During the time of kings and queens, a simple locket became the most effective way to tell someone you love them and to keep their memory close to your heart.

Knights gave lockets to their fair maidens as a token of their undying love. Women put locks of their hair inside a locket to give to their husbands as a blessing for their journey. Aside from locks of hair, lockets are a great way to hold on to a portrait. Queen Elizabeth I of England had a locket that contained her mother, Anne Boleyn’s portrait. Today, lockets come in different shapes like a heart, to symbolize love.

Show your love to someone today with Gracious Rose’s collection of stylish golden heart lockets to keep those cherished memories safe forever.

Meanings and Symbols of

Gold Heart-Shaped Locket


The shape of a heart is one of the most enduring symbols of our time. It was first associated with the image of fig leaves in ancient Greek culture represents fertility and ecstasy. In the Middle Ages, the meaning of the heart shape evolved becoming related to the image of Jesus, as seen in the different art and literature available at that time. In the 17th century, the heart shape became the official symbol of Valentine’s Day. From then on the heart shape has become the symbol of:

  • Love
  • The Sacred
  • Sensuality
  • Femininity
  • Attraction
  • Unity
  • Romance

What better way to show unity and passion than a beautifully crafted heart-shaped locket from Gracious Rose. Gracious Rose has a wide collection of heart shaped lockets that will truly tug at your beloved’s heart strings. We offer eye-catching pieces:

  • Flower Design Heart Locket – This special 14k gold locket can hold up to four photos.
  • Diamond Heart Swirl Design Locket – Diamonds are forever and so are your memories. Keep two of your favorite pictures in this gorgeous locket.
  • Floral Heart Gold Locket – This dainty 14k gold piece holds two precious photos.
  • 14k Gold Heart Rope Locket – This classic style is available in 14k White, 14k Rose, and 14k Yellow gold.
  • Gold "Mom" Heart Locket – This brilliant piece has a “Mom” inscription in the middle, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Aside from the gorgeous designs, you can also personalize the heart-shaped locket of your choice. Visit our website, choose from our selection of fonts, and type in the sentiment you want engraved.

Buy a

Gold Heart Locket Pendant

at Gracious Rose

A heart locket is truly a meaningful way to show your love and appreciation to someone. Be closer to your beloved and treasure memories with handcrafted pieces from Gracious Rose. With Gracious Rose you can:

  • Ask our Jewelry Consultant for advice in choosing the perfect locket.
  • Personalize your chosen lockets with our special, engraving option.
  • Enjoy ethically sourced jewelry and free shipping on orders over $250.

Immortalize memories with Gracious Rose’s collection of beautiful heart shaped lockets. Show your love to someone today with our handcrafted pieces!