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Find an incredible selection of quality 14k Gold lockets at  Lockets are a wonderful keepsake piece of jewelry, a great heirloom pendant to pass on to your children or grandchildren.

It is hard to resist items that promote fashion and sentimentality. In the past, a locket served as storage for mementos such as pictures, hair, love notes, and ashes, far from how society views it today. The tradition lives on for the hopeless romantic, but the search for a genuine locket is an arduous one.

A Brief History on How

14K Gold Lockets

Came to Be

A locket is a hanging ornament that opens to reveal a space for storing keepsakes. Usually given to loved ones, it is a popular gift for Valentine's Day, weddings, and even funerals during the Victorian Age.

Lockets commonly come in the shape of hearts, ovals, and circles, holding one or two items at most, typically decorated with gold, silver, and perhaps diamonds. Special glass varieties are typically for items such as hair and ash, enabling transparency and helping to prevent unnecessary opening. Another kind of locket is a perfume retainer.

  1. Daguerreotype Pictures: Prior to the Victorian Era, lockets contained hand-painted pictures of loved ones. It is a type of photo fused to glass materials and often reserved for the upper class.
  2. Symbols of Mourning: During the Victorian Era in England, lockets replaced the mourning rings as the preferred style of mourning jewelry.
  3. Keepsakes of Love: Lockets served as treasured jewelry throughout the Civil War and extending through WWII. It became a revered memento given to wives, fiancées, and mothers before a soldier goes into battle.
  4. Modern Day Jewelry: Still carrying the same sentimental value, modern-day lockets also serve as a fashionable necklace accessory choice. Engraved lockets add that personal keepsake touch.

It is surprising how even the smallest of items can enhance the maturity of a society. Truly, lockets are no ordinary jewelry item, but a historical item worthy of recognition.


Gold Locket Pendant

is a Must Have in Any Jewelry Collection

To this day, lockets remain a classic piece of jewelry. However, due to the mass production and industrialization of jewelry products, quality has diminished overall. Most lockets produced in factories lack the artisan value that handcrafted works possess.

When buying jewelry, consumers must be sure to purchase only from reputable jewelers who use pure metals such as silver, gold, titanium, and platinum. One must be knowledgeable about high-quality products versus those that may contain dangerous metals.

While cheaper products save a few bucks, you become exposed to hazardous metals such as nickel, chromium, cadmium, and lead, some of which are cancer-causing toxic metals. Make the smart choice!

There are different types of lockets depending on use. Locket jewelry falls under the following categories:

For Lovers

  • Heart Lockets: Classic heart trinkets made with love. These lockets keep your romantic treasures secured in style and close to the heart.
  • Diamond Lockets: A diamond locket is not only gorgeous but also a sign of the enduring and unbreakable connection between a man and woman.

For Friends and Family

  • Family Lockets: This locket can contain up to four photographs of family members or friends. Keep your family members close with a multi-compartment locket.
  • Gold Lockets: A traditional gold locket signifies the everlasting bond between friends.
  • White Gold Lockets: The ethereal quality of white gold keeps your memories enveloped in grace.
  • Silver Lockets: One of the standard metals used in constructing lockets, silver represents purity and strength.

For Fashion

  • Small Lockets: Keep it compact, simple, and fashionable with a large amount of love. Small lockets contain that most important thing.
  • Large Lockets: Large lockets can contain up to two pictures and offer greater customization options.

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