12 Dec 2016

Where to Buy Lockets

There is always something romantic about wearing a locket. It makes you feel like you’re holding someone you love close to your heart. Lockets have been around for centuries. In fact, they were a fashion staple during
12 Dec 2016

Where Can I Get a Locket Photo Made?

The locket has been around for centuries, it evolved from ancient amulets and today carries a more modern design. European lockets were popular during the 16th century. They were used to keep good luck charms, painted portraits
12 Dec 2016

How to Make a Locket

It’s gift-giving time again! Don’t have any idea what to give yet? A locket may just be the perfect idea. It’s a staple gift for all occasions – birthdays, Valentine’s day, Christmas and even for a normal,
12 Dec 2016

How to Put a Picture in the Locket

Christmas is almost here! You can feel it with the cold weather and the buzz of merriment that fills the air, especially around shopping centers and malls. Everyone’s busy looking for the perfect present to give to
26 Oct 2016

The Best Rings for Women: What Suits Your Personality?

Women are said to be known as the gender who loves to wear a lot of different jewelry – from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so much more. Of course, men can do the same, but it’s a
26 Oct 2016

Diamond Colors: How Colors Affect a Diamond’s Value

Choosing the perfect diamond ring can be very confusing and hard. Questions like: “What ring will suit me best?” or “Which is the best diamond shape that will represent me?” will roam your mind. That’s why the
26 Oct 2016

Diamond Shapes: What Sparkler Shape is Right for You

In choosing a ring, the most difficult part is picking the design. We were all made different – that basically means we all have different tastes and personalities. Jewelry can help you portray a part of who
26 Oct 2016

Find Your Ring Size: Tried and Tested to Getting the Right Ring Fit

A jewelry is similar to a piece of clothing; it is available in different colors, designs that will suit both men and women, and most importantly – it has different sizes so that everyone can have and
5 Sep 2016

It’s the Details that Make Marriage Proposals Unforgettable and Yes Worthy: Tips from Michele Velazquez of The Heart Bandits

“You can Upgrade a Diamond But You can Never Change a Memory” – Michele, Heart Bandits Co-Owner & Proposal Planner Propose to the love of your life without stress! The Heart Bandits can arrange the most romantic
1 Sep 2016

The “Yes” is in the Details – The Secret to Breath-taking and Unforgettable Proposals from Just Because Vancouver

“We take a lot of time to understand our clients – because this is a very niche industry. You have to understand their pains and unspoken concerns for them to trust you with such a big event.”