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Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings
Starting At: $471.49
Morganite Diamond Halo Drop Earrings
Starting At: $1,103.99
14K Ruby And Diamond Leaf Earrings
Starting At: $379.49
Oval Opal Earrings
Starting At: $448.49
Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Earrings
Starting At: $689.99
Sapphire Line Earrings
Starting At: $459.99
Genuine Sapphire & Diamond Earrings
Starting At: $2,644.99
Emerald Diamond Dangle Earrings
Starting At: $1,908.99
Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Starting At: $1,391.49
Aquamarine Diamond J-Hoop Earrings
Starting At: $666.99
Genuine Blue Zircon Earrings
Starting At: $218.49
360 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Although we take earrings for granted, these accessories have been part of human civilization for thousands of years. From the ancient periods of China, Egypt, and the Inca Empire to modern-day Italy, men and women wearing jewelry was and still is commonplace. Every culture used earrings differently. In Ancient Persia, men wore them for battle. In Egypt, only children wore them. In ancient Greece and Rome, women wore earrings to show social status. In Asia, earrings were part of religious traditions.

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After being banned by the Church during the Middle Ages in Europe, earrings became prevalent again during the Renaissance period, especially among the elite. Royalty wore gold, silver, gemstones, and other jewelry items to show power and wealth. In the 1920s, fake jewelry and cheap earring knockoffs became prevalent. Then, in the 1970s, multiple piercings and various forms of ear fashion became popular among men and women. Today, earrings adorn the ears of all ages and sexes.

Designer Earrings

: The Utmost in Safety

Along with the ubiquity of this ear accessory came the emergence of low-quality versions. Consumers should know exactly what they are putting on and in their bodies. One must understand the large gap between high-quality products and those that may feature dangerous metals.

As a buyer, be sure to buy from reputable jewelers who use pure metals such as silver, gold, titanium, and platinum. These premium metals are ideal for jewelry design because of their resistance to heat and scratches. Gold lovers should also take note that 24k gold scratches and bends easily, so jewelers typically offer items in the 14k range. Moreover, gold accessories are often mixed with other metals to enhance durability. 

Cheaper products often include toxic metals, such as nickel, chromium, and lead. According to a recent study on the mass production of jewelry, most imported jewelry items were found to contain toxic chemicals such as brominated flame retardants, chlorine, mercury, and arsenic. These items touch your skin every day. Is saving a few bucks worth the extra danger?

To ensure the quality and durability of your earrings, look for jewelers that promise to use high quality, pure metals that you will be proud to wear and show off.

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Designer earrings mean high-quality materials and the finest handiwork. When looking for designer earrings online, ask about the purity of metals and the condition of the earrings first. Thanks to the prevalence of online sellers, you can surely find a pair of designer earrings at a reasonable price, such as those offered by Gracious Rose.

Choose a stylish set of designer earrings that you can proudly show to the world, or show your love to someone with an elegant pair of earrings from Gracious Rose! We offer free shipping on orders over $250!