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Platinum Chain - More Precious and Lustrous Alternative to Gold

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Gorgeous Platinum Fancy Chain
Starting At: $11,558.90
Platinum Diamond Cut Curb Chain
Starting At: $1,667.99
T-Link Platinum Bracelet
Starting At: $24,275.30
Platinum Modern Mariner
Starting At: $12,049.00
Bold Platinum Curb Link
Starting At: $32,426.10
Handsome Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $14,407.20
Platinum Mako Chain
Starting At: $11,558.90
Unique Platinum Chain
Starting At: $15,897.60
Platinum Tube Link Design Chain
Starting At: $7,932.23
Beautiful Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $6,955.19
Platinum Cable Link Chain
Starting At: $4,802.39
Fancy Unique Link Platinum Chain
Starting At: $9,074.87
Platinum Bar Design Chain
Starting At: $6,458.39
Beautiful Bold Platinum Bracelet
Starting At: $14,241.60
Platinum Modified Figaro Chain
Starting At: $7,104.23
Platinum Bar Link Bracelet
Starting At: $10,201.00
Fancy Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $7,439.99
Fancy Link Platinum Chain
Starting At: $7,369.19
Platinum Chain Square Design
Starting At: $6,922.07
Platinum Fancy Chain
Starting At: $5,448.23
26 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Add a touch of sophistication to your everyday look with a simple yet stylish platinum chain. Platinum chains are easy to style and match well with any look you can imagine. Aside from this, it’s also the type of jewelry that both men and women can appreciate.

Exude Exclusivity with a

Platinum Chain Necklace

Platinum is considered the most precious of all metals because of its luster and malleability. This is the reason many jewelers choose platinum to work with. Its luster can enhance any gemstone, its malleability can be formed to any shape be it a ring, a bracelet, or of course, a necklace.

Platinum is also a symbol of exclusivity and determination. Couples wear platinum rings to symbolize the endurance of their love. Stylish women wear platinum to exude the aura of exceptionality. It’s the ultimate accessory if you want to look strong and stand out from the crowd.

Proclaim your style and edginess with a stylish platinum chain necklace from Gracious Rose.

Platinum Chain: Mens

Wear 101

Who says men can’t wear accessories? The perfect balance of masculinity and style is what matters in finding the perfect accessory for men. Here are some tips on choosing men’s jewelry:

  • Opt for neutral colors – Jewelry in neutral colors, like black and silver, are easier to style.
  • Less design – If you’re a man who’s new to jewelry then take baby steps and choose jewelry that has a more basic design.
  • Goes well with your clothes – Find jewelry that will fit right in with your existing wardrobe.
  • Purpose – Buying jewelry is an investment. Choose a piece of jewelry that has a purpose in your life.

Another factor to consider when choosing jewelry for men is sentimentality. A platinum chain necklace is a perfect symbol of determination and hard work, two traits that men are traditionally masculine. Choose from Gracious Rose’s wide collection of hand-crafted and ethically sourced platinum chains for men:

  • Platinum Modern Mariner – This modern version of the Mariner bracelet measures 10.5mm wide and weighs 68.1 grams for the 8.75" length and is perfect for any occasion.
  • Platinum Modified Figaro Chain – This gorgeous piece can add style to a simple t-shirt and jeans
  • Handsome Platinum Link Chain – This heavy jewelry exudes masculinity with its 87.6 gram weight.
  • Platinum Mako Chain – Gorgeous intricate design, perfect for glamorous events.
  • Platinum Bar Link Bracelet – Simple yet elegant chain bracelet with bar links design
  • Bold Platinum Curb Link – This platinum chain link is guaranteed for life with its .950 platinum weight.
  • Fancy Link Platinum Chain – Create an elegant style in a durable 44.44 grams weight chain.
  • Platinum Chain Square Design – This 8.5-inch, 42 gram bracelet adds instant glam to the simplest outfits.

Ask a Gracious Rose Jewelry Consultant to help you customize your chosen platinum chain.

Real Platinum Chains

by Gracious Rose

Choosing jewelry for you or your loved one can be stressful. To reduce your stress, choose a jewelry store known for their impeccable knowledge of jewelry and style. If you’re looking for a personalized service then choose Gracious Rose.

Exude glamour and sophistication with Gracious Rose’s collection of beautiful platinum chains. Ask our resident Jewelry Consultant for tips and advice on how to choose and customize the perfect jewelry to help you stand out from the crowd. All of these wonderful platinum chains are made from ethically sourced materials and handcrafted by experts. A great investment that lasts a lifetime.

Browse Gracious Rose’s collection of handcrafted and ethically-sourced platinum chains today. Get free shipping on orders over $250