Jewelry Chains for pendants or a statement

Hundreds of 14k Gold and Platinum chains.  Wear alone to create your statement or with a pendant.  We have them all. Simplicity and Sophistication

Jewelry chains have complemented a plethora of styles throughout history. Made popular by the Romans, these chains have become a staple of fashion around the world. Today, the golden rule of wearing jewelry is that "less is more." Jewelry chains combine simplicity and elegance: a perfect match for those seeking to add flair to their attire without appearing too flamboyant.

Long Chain Necklaces

for Women

A classic piece in a woman's wardrobe, a long chain necklace adds class and glamour when matched to any outfit. Do not be afraid to flaunt them, as chain necklaces complement nearly any attire. Whether it's a casual shirt or a formal dress, a chain necklace offers subtle elegance to make an entire outfit stand out. Chain necklaces do not pull the focus away from your outfit; they give it a touch of sophistication.

Long chain necklaces can create a variety of looks based on how you wear them. Without ornaments, they create a conservative look. Look trendy by wearing multiple chain necklaces at once, or match a chain with a unique pendant to show off your personality.

Consider it the perfect gift for you or someone you care about. Our handcrafted long chain necklaces feature only the finest metals, all ethically sourced from environment-friendly suppliers.


Thick Chain Necklace

For men, a plain thick chain necklace is a perfect match to any ensemble. This classic accent piece is akin to a good necktie, ring, or heirloom cufflinks. When wearing other pieces of jewelry, always remember to match them to the necklace metal. Keep things sleek and avoid appearing ostentatious. A well-dressed man is modest and tasteful.

When buying chain necklaces, always get those made from high-quality materials, as the whole look of the chain depends upon the quality of its metal. Gracious Rose offers thick chain necklace made of the finest precious metals at a reasonable price. We also offer free expert advice from a certified "Jewelry Consultant."

Combining simplicity with sophistication, our chain necklaces give men a subtle, elegant flair. Our chain necklace creates a variety of looks depending on the metal, the length and width of the chain, and the style of its links.

How to Wear a

Multi Chain Necklace

A multi chain necklace offers a variety of looks. These necklaces can make your everyday outfit grab a lot of attention, so make sure you wear outfits that complement their color. Gold necklaces are beautiful when partnered with black or white dresses, while platinum necklaces go well with your everyday apparel.

Multi chain necklaces are statement pieces, so your other jewelry choices should follow a similar color and style. This creates a classic lady-like appeal that bespeaks class and refinement.

A multi chain necklace is an attention grabber, especially those made with the finest metals. Gracious Rose only offers high-quality designer chains handcrafted to perfection. Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives; get the finest quality necklace from Gracious Rose.

Get the finest handmade jewelry chains from Gracious Rose. Ethically sourced and polished to perfection, our handmade jewelry chains evoke elegance and grace. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $250!


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