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Platinum Bracelet - Wrist Accessories to Last a Lifetime

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Platinum Mako Chain
Starting At: $11,558.90
Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $9,604.79
Bold Platinum Bracelet
Starting At: $22,444.30
Gorgeous Platinum Fancy Chain
Starting At: $11,558.90
Platinum Tube Link Design Chain
Starting At: $7,932.23
Beautiful Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $6,955.19
Handsome Platinum Link Chain
Starting At: $14,407.20
Platinum Cable Link Chain
Starting At: $4,802.39
Unique Platinum Chain
Starting At: $15,897.60
Fancy Unique Link Platinum Chain
Starting At: $9,074.87
Platinum Unique Link Chain
Starting At: $4,725.11
Platinum Bar Design Chain
Starting At: $6,458.39
Bold Platinum Curb Link
Starting At: $32,426.10
Beautiful Bold Platinum Bracelet
Starting At: $14,241.60
Platinum Modern Mariner
Starting At: $12,049.00
T-Link Platinum Bracelet
Starting At: $24,275.30
Platinum Open Link Bracelet
Starting At: $9,154.91
Platinum Z Block bracelet
Starting At: $9,907.97
Platinum Cat Eye Bracelet
Starting At: $4,872.77
Platinum Modified Figaro Chain
Starting At: $7,104.23
30 products found. Showing 1 - 20

Platinum is one of the latest additions to the family of metals used in jewelry. Despite its late inclusion, platinum is legendary. During ancient times, Egyptians and South Americans valued platinum highly. During King Louis XVI's reign in France, he proclaimed it the only metal fit for royalty. Today, many famous jewelers such as Cartier, Faberge, and Tiffany create their designs in platinum. Famous diamonds often pair with platinum.

Platinum is the heaviest precious metal, weighing twice as much as gold of the same mass. Its durability is ideal for diamonds and other precious gems. Even after many years, platinum often shows no wear. Conversely, not only does gold show wear virtually instantly, it actually loses its mass and becomes thinner over time. A quick polish and platinum is as good as new.

Platinum became especially popular in the early 1900s, and it quickly became the preferred metal for all fine jewelry in the United States. When World War II started, the government declared it a strategic metal, so all uses of platinum in non-military applications, including jewelry, ceased. During its absence, jewelers offered white gold.

Platinum is once again available to consumers, ready to enchant a new generation. The difference is that, now, consumers can purchase gorgeous platinum jewelry from the comfort of their living room.

Platinum Bracelets - Jewelry

Pieces More Precious Than Gold

Another characteristic of platinum is its resistance to tarnishing due to chlorine and other chemicals. Because of this, along with other factors such as strength and luster, platinum has become a popular choice for jewelry. Other than remaining as it is for a lifetime, platinum is also hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Platinum jewelry is versatile. You can get a platinum bracelet with gold accents, or choose the subtle look of all platinum.

In the United States, platinum bracelet jewelry contains approximately 90% platinum. By comparison, 18-karat gold is only 75% pure while a 14-karat is 58% pure. Ten tons of ore are necessary to create a single ounce of platinum. Overall, it takes five months to process platinum.

Platinum Bracelets for Women

and Men

Our platinum collection offers a wide range of pieces to suit any personal style. We have subtle pieces that are elegantly designed while we have stunning statement bracelets that add brilliance to any outfit. Because platinum is highly lustrous and silver in color, it blends with any outfit compared to gold. We have masculine and feminine pieces that make as perfect gift for yourself or for your loved ones. We have chunky and slim bracelets that come in various types of chains and designs. There is a perfect piece of bracelet for anyone who would like to invest in a fine platinum jewelry.

Men’s Platinum Bracelet

- The Perfect Low Maintenance and Durable Fine Accessory

As one of the most enduring metals, platinum is the perfect choice for a lifetime of everyday wear. Its density and weight make it perfect for any jewelry piece. Being scratch-resistant, platinum jewelry does not require extensive cleaning either, so you are free from that constant concern about appearance. A platinum bracelet is ideal for men who prefer to wear fine jewelry that requires little to no effort in proper care. All you need to do is clean it with a mild solution of soap and water since it is expected to retain its luster and color over time.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for an anniversary, a birthday or any special occasion, a platinum bracelet from Gracious Rose makes an exceptional and unforgettable gift.