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The tradition of wearing bangles began in ancient India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. By definition, bangles are rigid bracelets, usually made of metal, wood, or plastic. As an ornamental jewelry, bangles may also come with diamonds, gems, and pearls. However, due to contemporary manufacturing of this jewelry, it is tough to tell authentic gold bangles from phony imitations.

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A Deep Historical Foundation

The origin of the use of bangles traces back to Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan (2600 BCE) settlements some 5,000 years ago. Traceable artifacts of bangles appeared during excavation here, as they did at other historical sites over the centuries:

  • Mauryan Empire (322 BCE)
  • Roman Empire (330 BCE)
  • Mayan Settlements (2nd Century BCE)
  • Taxila (6th Century BCE)

Bangles have a strong tie to marriage in South Asian cultures. It is a custom where a bride must wear as many bangles as possible at her wedding. The act of wearing multiple glass bangles is a honeymoon ritual in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, where the breaking of the last bangle represented consummation.

The value of bangles in Hinduism is much greater than in any other religion because they denote auspicial significance for marrying women. Toddlers and women may also wear regular bangles in gold and silver; men may wear a single bangle, made only out of gold, silver, or iron.

Today, bangles exist in many gold variants, such as rose gold, which is an excellent gift for that special someone.

White Gold Bangle

and Other Colors

The design of bangle jewelry hasn't drastically changed compared to other jewelry types, such as earrings and rings. The circular shape of bangles is still intact, although modern construction materials have taken over.

Present-day bangles are not limited to gold, silver, steel, and glass. In fact, there are different bangle colors with corresponding interpretations:

  • Red/Rose Bangle – Energy and Passion
  • Blue – Tranquility and Wisdom
  • Purple – Independence
  • Green – Luck and Married Status
  • Yellow – Happiness
  • Orange – Success
  • White – New Beginnings
  • Black – Power
  • Silver – Strength
  • Gold – Fortune and Prosperity

The term bangle comes from the Hindi word "Bungri," meaning glass. Bangles often come with precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, although cheaper materials are prevalent. Other creative construction materials include wood, glass, plastic, seashell, and fern.

Solid Gold Bangle

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Throughout history, bangles have retained their structure, but use has evolved to suit fashion. If you want to avail of authentic bangle jewelry, consider the following locations that have strong reputations in the bangle industry:

  • Laad Bazaar, North India – Famous for its glass bangles since 1566
  • Hyderabad, Pakistan – Authentic Pakistani designer bangles
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh – Specialty Bengali bangles

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