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  • Gracious Rose Fine Designer Jewelry
  • Gracious Rose Fine Designer Jewelry

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As the Internet began to find its way into every household, a shift in overall consumer behavior started to occur. In a study conducted by Shopper Approved, the following are the key factors for online shoppers, ranked by order of importance:

  1. 25.4% – Larger selection
  2. 25.0% – Better pricing
  3. 24.7% – More convenient
  4. 10.7% – Other
  5. 7.2% – Time savings
  6. 3.6% – Easy to compare
  7. 3.3% – No sales tax

The numbers are similar across the board, whether discussing light bulbs or jewelry. Mainly, people buy jewelry online to compare prices, access wider selections, read reviews about items, and save time. Smart consumers choose GraciousRose.com when buying jewelry online. Thanks to over 3,500 fine jewelry pieces to consider, as well as custom-made items, you can ensure you get the perfect item!

Invest When You 

Buy Jewelry

In any given year, 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry or watches, and most of them will make more than one purchase. According to a study conducted by "Jewelers' Circular Keystone" magazine:

"They're most likely to shop at an independent store like yours, and nearly third of those buying jewelry are willing to spend more than $1,000. By strong margins, they prefer to see prices displayed and they want to be informed of enhancements. Most of them don't feel confident buying expensive jewelry. Surprisingly, few of them think that shopping for jewelry is much fun."

However, buying gold jewelry is not only for gift giving or for fashion purposes alone; in the U.S., we tend to see gold as an investment property. In truth, gold is and has been for thousands of years, wealth itself. It is the essential inflation hedge. Market wise, time is currently on gold's side, as its price is near a historic low.

Buy Gold Jewelry 

for Fashion, and as a Smart Investment

Even in the most primitive and isolated parts of the globe, gold is revered as the highest form of currency. When money collapses, gold retains its value (increasing in value in relation to paper money).

Although the value of gold jewelry changes in relation to the gold market, it stands the test of time as a viable commodity. With over a decade in the industry, Gracious Rose protects you from the subpar products that seem to litter today's jewelry market. Enjoy an exquisite piece of gold jewelry that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!


Buy Gold Jewelry Online 

at Gracious Rose?

When choosing gold jewelry online, don't settle for second best; you deserve top-notch service and a vast array of selections. Visit GraciousRose.com to learn more about the elegant gold jewelry pieces available in all designs, from contemporary to classical.

Show your appreciation for someone you care about with gold jewelry today. With over 14 years of jewelry expertise, Gracious Rose is your best choice. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $250!

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